Silver Zebras

Successful companies of all sizes strive to create a work environment where employees have meaningful and exciting work, leaders are focused on coaching and development, and organizational goals are realized.  Our focus at Silver Zebras is assisting organizations do just that through the development of a fully integrated approach to talent management and HR.

Let us help you design and implement innovative talent and HR strategies that align your people initiatives with your organizational goals for business success. Tap into our expertise as we assist with your internal communication strategies, employment branding initiatives or workflow design/re-design.

Why the name Silver Zebras?

Every zebra, much like every human being, is unique; no two zebras have the exact same stripes.  Zebras also travel in herds – called dazzles –and they survive by working together.  

In much the same way, when employees are allowed to collaborate with shared purpose in a work environment where their talents and abilities are encouraged, supported, and celebrated the entire organization can flourish.

We want to help your people, your team and your organization be brilliant, dazzling and exceptional.


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