Silver Zebras

Do you want a work environment where employees have meaningful work, leaders are focused on coaching and development, and organizational goals are realized?

We can help.

For organizations we provide HR services that meet essential human resources management needs and objectives, offer retained consulting services, spearhead the development and implementation of HR/Talent Management strategies, and offer customized workshops and training.

For HR professionals, leaders and HR teams of all sizes we provide assistance, consultation, and ongoing support. Through teamwork, coaching, and collaboration, we assist individual practitioners and HR departments strengthen their skills today and effectively prepare themselves for the future.

If you’re struggling with how to define your HR strategies and align your people initiatives with your organizational goals, contact us today. Let’s explore how we can work together.

Why the name Silver Zebras?

Every zebra, much like every human being, is unique; no two zebras have the exact same stripes.  Zebras also travel in herds –  dazzles –and they survive by working together.  

In much the same way, when employees are allowed to collaborate with shared purpose in a work environment where their talents and abilities are encouraged, supported, and celebrated the entire organization can flourish.

Business is better … when HR is better.


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